Cinematic Discourse and Feminism in the Transition Interviews carried out on women who were born and raised in the years of the Franco dictatorship and who experienced the transition in their teens and youth. Film memories of the dictatorship and transition. Aintzane Rincón Díez
Domestic service in Bilbao during Francoism The domestic service was one of the most common women jobs during Franco´s dictatorship.Through this collection of interviews, we will check how the Francoism maids not only did not feel ashamed but also could be proud of having improved and raised a bett Eider de Dios
Everyday life in the first years of the Franco regime collection Interviews with women and men who lived the first years of the Franco regime. The essay aims to reflect on power relations from everyday life events. Maialen Altuna Etxeberria
Farmer Women Testimonies of Farmer Women who were born in the first half of the Twentieth Century in The Basque Country Amaia Negro Iturregi
Nuevos Movimientos Sociales y activismo sociopolítico en el País Vasco durante las décadas de 1970 y 1980 Interviews with activists of social and political movements in the transition and the seventies and eighties David Beorlegui
Plaza de La Cantera Collection Everyday life and social changes in the neiborhood of Las Cortes in Bilbao. Interviews to its residents. Miren Llona
Polixene Trabudua Collection Interviews carried out on middle class women from Bilbao, born in the 1900s and 1920s Miren Llona
Sexist Violence Internalization Process Interviews carried out on men and women that suffered Sexist Violence experiences during the Spanish Political Transition Nerea Barjola Ramos
Social agents of Tolosa in the Civil War and the Franco period (1935-45) Interviews carried out on men and women residents of the village Tolosa about their experiences during the Civil War. Collection transfered by the Science Society Aranzadi Mikel Errazkin
Social support of active pacifism in Euskal Herria 1986-2013 Interviews to activists from the social movement Gesto por la Paz. Kamaraka
Testimonies of victims of ETA violence Between 2000 and 2011 "Gesto por la paz" Social Peace Movement have held their Victims of Terrorism Annual Conferences. This collection gathers the testimonies of the victims who took part on them.
The first teachers of San Nikolas ikastola(1963-1969) Interviews with the first teachers in Algorta's San Nikolas ikastola. It also includes the testimonies of founder parents and people involved into the basque schools movement. Aintzane Rincón Díez
The Iron Mines Collection Interviews carried out on men and women born in and residents of the mining village, La Arboleda, during the XIXth and XXth centuries Pilar Pérez Fuentes
Virginia Echeberria Collection Interviews carried out on working class women from Bilbao and the left Bank of the Nervión River born in the 1900s and 1920s Miren Llona
Virginia Martínez del Castillo's Autobiography She was a well known writer and an intelectual born in Bilbao in 1914. She represented Liberal and Republican cultures and thought of the Twenties and the Thirties in Spain.
Women in Exile Collection Interviews carried out during the 80s on Basque women exiled in México after the Civil War Pilar Domínguez Prats
Working class struggles in Bizkaia 1970-92 Interviews carried out on working class men and women, who were main figures of the working struggles at the end of the Franco period and the transition Mentxu Irusta Laforga