David Beorlegui
Received hisPhD in Modern History fron the University of The Basque Country (2016).

His thesis, titled "The Experience of Disenchantment in the Basque Country (1976-1986). Memory, Subjectivity and Utopia, is an analysis of the memory of the radical left, focused on the study of sixty nine life-stories of people who were participanting in different organizations identified with that political spectrum. The thesis analyses the political and cultural logics which were determinant for the appearance of the phenomena of the disenchantment, and the effects of that emotion in the subjectivity of the activists.

Member of the research group at the University of the Basque Country “La experiencia moderna en España desde 1875 a 1990” (GIU08/15) directed by José Javier Díaz Freire.

Beorlegui, D. “Gender expectations in the working class struggles of the Late-Francoism and the Transition. Feminism and memory in the Great Bilbao (1975-1979", (1975-1979), Historia Social, 86, 2017 (In press).


International Oral History Association, Vicepresident

July 2014-2016, July 2016, 2018 (re-elected)