Maialen Altuna Etxeberria
Maialen Altuna Etxeberria (Lasarte-Oria, 1985) holds a bachelor’s in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) and a master’s in Feminist and Gender Studies (UPV/EHU). Currently, she is lecturer in the Department of Philosophy of Values and Social Anthropology (UPV/EHU).

Her research career started with her end-of-course master’s project, a study on women’s participation in punk rock groups titled “Emakumeak punk-rock taldeetan” (2010). That same year, 2010, she carried out research on the construction of the female gender during the early years of the Franco regime with the 2nd Research Grant “The contribution of women to the history of Tolosa” from Tolosa Town Council.

Between 2013 and 2016 she has been preparing her thesis within the framework of the programme Zabalduz 2012: Personal researcher in training in cooperation with the productive and social surroundings, working jointly with the UPV-EHU and AHOA (Archive of Memory). The thesis looks at constructions of gender identities during the early years of the Franco regime from an analysis of everyday life and emotions, focusing on power relations and corporality.

In 2015 she undertook a residence at the Interdisciplinary Institute of Gender Studies in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina).

She is a member of the Basque Anthropology Association Ankulegi and AHOA (Memory Archive).

Some publications:
  • Maialen Altuna (2018): “Represión cultural, género y control social en el primer franquismo. Análisis desde los bailes juveniles” in Esteban, Mari Luz and Hernandez, Jone Miren (coord.), Etnografías Feministas en el País Vasco, Barcelona: Edicions Bellaterra.
  • Maialen Altuna Etxeberria (2016): "Emozioen erabilera genero-sistemaren inposaketan. Frankismoko dantzaldien kasua" in Esteban, Mari Luz y Hernandez, Jone Miren (coord.), Etnografia Feministak Euskal Herrian. XXI. Mendera begira dagoen antropologia, Bilbo: UEU-UPV/EHU.
  • Maialen Altuna (2010): Emakumeak punk-rock taldeetan, Trabajo fin de máster, publicado en línea. Programa de doctorado en Estudios Feministas y de Género.